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Speed up Simple "update" query
Posted by: Stanley Wong
Date: April 13, 2022 01:45AM

InnoDB 5.7.33 MYSQL RDS - How to speed up this "update" query

The simple update statement took more than 2 minutes to run .I have try change it to EXISTS and the result is still the same .

I try to remove the index for column "updated" but still slow . ID is the primary key of the shipment table . shipment_id and trackingNo both are indexed. NO blocking when the update is running,

query_cache_size 1048576
query_cache_type OFF

update shipment set updated=current_timestamp where id in (SELECT shipment_id from packages where tracking_no ='AC125279615BG');

update shipment A set updated=current_timestamp where EXISTS (SELECT shipment_id from packages B where tracking_no ='AC125279615BG' AND A.ID = B.SHIPMENT_ID);

"id" "select_type" "table" "partitions" "type" "possible_keys" "key" "key_len" "ref" "rows" "filtered" "Extra"
"1" "UPDATE" "shipment" \N "index" \N "PRIMARY" "8" \N "12702773" "100.00" "Using where"
"2" "DEPENDENT SUBQUERY" "packages" \N "ref" "fk_shpt_units_shipment1_idx,shpt_package-tracking_no" "shpt_package-tracking_no" "138" "const" "1" "10.00" "Using where; Using index"

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Speed up Simple "update" query
April 13, 2022 01:45AM

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