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Re: Error while trying ndb_restore
Posted by: Mauritz Sundell
Date: November 28, 2023 03:52AM

Hi Nisa

The `ndb_restore` program (as most ndb programs) will use one API node id when connecting to cluster. `ndb_restore --ndb-nodeid=1` tells it to use nodeid 1 which is both of wrong type (MGM) and is already in use by `ndb_mgmd` see `id=1` line in your `show` output.

Check that there are enough with `[API]` (a.k.a.`[mysqld]`) sections in your `config.ini` file. From `show` output one can see that you have at least 3 with `NodeId` 10 to 12 which are used by three MySQL servers.

You will need add one usable `[API]` section for `ndb_restore`. From your second error it says you run `ndb_restore` from You either need to have an `[API]` section with `HostName=` and at least one from every host you may run a ndb program, or have an API section without `HostName to have a nodeid usable from any host.

For example adding this to your config.ini:


Note that to make new configuration effective one need to 1) restart management server `ndb_mgmd --reload ...`, then 2) restart data nodes and MySQL servers.
To always keep cluster up, restart one data node at a time and also one MySQL server at a time.


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Re: Error while trying ndb_restore
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