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Re: Example of Cluster SLOWER than InnoDB -- help?
Posted by: Heikki Tuuri
Date: December 08, 2004 06:14PM


I meant that the hardware disk cache is backed by a battery against a power outage. I did not mean a 'solid state disk'.

This paper describes the advantages of a battery-backed cache in a RAID controller:

Looks like 'high-end' RAID controllers, costing from $500 up, typically have battery backing:

Thus, the commit latency in high-end RAID storage really is very small. Thousands of durable commits per seconds are possible.


The InnoDB speed of 200 messages per second sounds a bit low. If I understood the program correctly, each message only requires a couple of SQL statements for processing. On a 3 GHz Pentium, you should be able to run about 10 000 simple SQL statements per second. Thus, a 4-processor server might be able to process that 10 000 messages per second if the program is structured in a way where wait latencies are minimized. For example, you may try a busy loop in the GET method.

If different queues are logically independent, why not simply run them in different mysqld servers? That would give unlimited scalability.

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