mysql 5.7 general_log table has user_host but the file does not
Posted by: Jim Graf
Date: March 02, 2018 09:41AM

(I posted this to, but haven't gotten any traction. This was probably the more appropriate forum. I've edited from that post)

The mysql.general_log table gives me everything I want, but I prefer the ease of a file. The output to the file specified with general_log_file works fine, but doesn't include the user_host data that the database table has.

I've read 5.4.3 The General Query Log, googled, but can't seem to find any hint of this.

Is there a format I can set that will include user_host into the file system log file? I must of missed something obvious, why wouldn't the output be exactly the same, file or table?

example of what I see in the file:

2018-03-01T15:41:45.450491Z 137300 Query SHOW COLLATION
2018-03-01T15:41:45.451280Z 137299 Query SET NAMES latin1
2018-03-01T15:41:45.451425Z 137299 Query SET character_set_results = NULL
2018-03-01T15:41:45.451554Z 137299 Query SET autocommit=1

My workaround is to generate the log in table and then "dump" the table:

mysql --user etc... -e "select user_host,argument from general_log where user_host like 'billybob%'" > junk

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mysql 5.7 general_log table has user_host but the file does not
March 02, 2018 09:41AM

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