Re: Data_free column 0 after importing from 5.5 into 5.7 and 8.0
Posted by: Arash Alavi
Date: January 12, 2021 10:02AM

Thanks. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Now that I looked, I'm seeing that that there are *.ibd files in the data directory for all databases in both 5.7 and 8.0 instances.
There were none in the 5.5 instance. So, importing the databases from 5.5 to 5.7 and 8.0 with innodb_file_per_table ON as default has inadvertently resulted in datafiles per table being created. I suppose I'm now stuck with this going forward!

My process in the past has been to create datafiles by specifying a set number of 10GB files with innodb_data_file_path in my.cnf, then monitoring InnoDB space usage with 'show table status' by looking at Data_free, and adding additional datafiles once Data_free falls below a certain level. I suppose with innodb_file_per_table ON, I no longer need to monitor InnoDB datafile space usage, because the file per table would just grow indefinitely (up to some upper limit on size, no doubt), and I only need to monitor actual OS disk space for the server to make sure it doesn't run out of storage?

What happens to all those 10GB datafiles I now have on 5.7 and 8.0, which were created by specifying innodb_data_file_path in my.cnf when I configured these new instances?
Are they being used for anything? Could I drop them?

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