MySQL Entity Framework code first migrations - bugs or PEBCAK?
Posted by: Harald Sømnes Hanssen
Date: December 17, 2016 12:45PM

Thought I try out MySQL with Entity Framework and code first, however, it is not as straight forward as I thought.

First off: Setup is really annoying. It is not straight forward, even with the tutorial from MySQL.

Secondly, not everything is supported.
Altering a table through migrationg? Forget it, not implemented
Deleting a table through the migration tool? Not implemented either.
All of the features are lacking, are especially necessary during development, but are not show stoppers. It is a hassle though having to delete the database for every change you do ..

However, when I started dabbling with lists, I really started having problems.
For example, a person (an entity) is put into a list of another entity, the Person table will have overwritten all of the other entries in that table with one of the persons in the table. Which is weird.

My experiment is going on right here:

The dbcontext object

The class (usually 'a' class since I have to delete them along the way) for creating the tables with stored procedure

I'm constantly reading tutorials (like this one and often MySQL makes me feel stupid (such as not knowing that the database name is case sentitive in web.config).

My impression is that this technology is not ready.
Or I'm doing it the wrong way?

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MySQL Entity Framework code first migrations - bugs or PEBCAK?
December 17, 2016 12:45PM

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