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Difference between using Merge vs. symbolic-links approach?
Posted by: M P
Date: June 05, 2007 02:00AM

Given two tables X and Y, my understanding is the following two tactics will both achieve the same goal of making each of X and Y appear to contain the data of both:
Approach 1: (i) move all Y data to X, (ii) delete table Y, (iii) create empty Y using...
CREATE TABLE `Y` ( "match table X's scheme here" )

Approach 2: (i) move all Y data to X, (ii) delete table Y, (iii) at the operating system (Unix file system) level, create symbolic links to map Y onto X, using something like...
ln -s X.frm Y.frm
ln -s X.myd Y.myi
ln -s X.myi Y.myi

My undertanding is that, given either approach, SQL queries (e.g., selects, inserts, updates, deletes) on either table operate as if X and Y are two separate but identical tables. How to choose between the two approaches??

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