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Re: Partition problem (Data striping)
Posted by: Rick James ()
Date: April 13, 2012 04:49PM

> Its a bit of a rant
I would say it is a bit of a "rut". You have decided that I/O is the problem, and you have decided on how to solve it. My job is to get you to back up and question all of your assumptions...

> But I need more performance out of them, and the rows need to be on a separate disk,...
You are assuming your OS and device drivers will do anything in parallel. That is a big assumption!

> at best I get 100 a second on my hdds
Yeah, that's all you can get on standard hardware.

> there are millions to be updated
Do they have to be updated _now_? Or can they be delayed? Or batched? Or accumulated from a log? Or kept in RAM?

Have you tuned your cache?-- see

InnoDB? If so, please provide SHOW STATUS LIKE 'innodb%'; -- some settings have a big impact on disk hits. Are you using transactions? autocommit=1?

Are the rows to be updated "clustered" at all? That is, could they be "near" each other on disk?

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