Characters not getting stored
Posted by: Andrea Croci
Date: April 02, 2013 01:19PM

Hello, I have yet another problem with character sets. I have read lots of threads here and the very informative page at, but I found no answer.

Here is the issue: I'm designing a new database from scratch on MySQL version 5.5.27-log and I would like to use utf8 with collation utf8_unicode_ci throughout, because it will have to store names in German, Italian and English.

I defined the database to use DEFAULT CHARACTER SET = utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci, I declared each table with DEFAULT CHARACTER SET = utf8 and I even repeated the same thing in most columns of the tables.

The only two tables I double checked with SHOW CREATE TABLE tbl show everything as utf8 with collate utf8_unicode_ci. The others don't matter because I have the problem already with one of these.

I tried different things and basically tried to store 'Forlì' and (just to mess with it) 'Förlìßen'.

With the first one I get a warning "Incorrect string value '\x8D' for column 'birthplace' at row 1" and when I select it, it shows just 'Forl' without the final 'ì'. The second one too gets truncated at the first "invalid" character that it encounters: ö, with an "Incorrect string value" error message. That means it stores only 'F'.

The test with 'birthplace', hex(brithplace), length(birthplace) and char_length(birthplace) shows the following:

for 'Forlì': 'Forl', 466F726C, 4, 4.
for Förlìßen: 'F', 46, 1, 1.

All of this happens when I set the "character_set_*" variables to utf8 (other than the filesystem, which I didn't touch).

With other combinations of "character_set_*" I do get different symbols on the screen and different hex numbers in the table, but I have not got the right one yet: if I set names to latin1 or cp850 (which appears to be the default in my installation, the initial set-up I get when starting the console is that) and leave character_set_database at utf8, then it does not truncate the strings at the first non-english character, but the results are only shown correct if I enter the data from console.

I tried importing the data from a file, saved both as latin1 and as utf8, and it does store something, but not the right thing, regardles of the variables setting.

I dropped the database and recreated it several times with different settings of the variables at the beginning, but I don't get it right.

In all these situations I'm entering the letters from a german keyboard under Windows 7, if that can make any difference.

I'm completely confused: it seems it only works if I enter the data from the keyboard, and this again if I don't set names to utf8 (which I thought would actually be the right thing to do). Also I would like to import them from a file because sometimes I don't have access to the server and it would be more convenient for me to prepare a file and then import it all at once.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Characters not getting stored
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