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Re: table index optimization
Posted by: Rick James
Date: May 05, 2012 09:07AM

There are several relevant tips in
Probably the most relevant is


* Having no compound indexes is a clue that you do not understand their power. INDEX(a,b) may be much better than INDEX(a), INDEX(b)

Indexing is very important to any database. Getting the "right" index can make a query run orders of magnitude faster. So, how to do that? Often "compound indexes" (multiple columns in a single INDEX(...)) are better than single-column indexes. A WHERE clause that has column=constant begs for an index that starts with that column. If the WHERE clause has multiple fields AND'd together, "="s should come first.

Flags, and other fields with few values, should not be alone in an index -- the index won't be used.

In your case, here prettied up some:
SELECT  `articles`.`id` , `articles`.`R_headline` AS title,
        `articles`.`primary_category` AS channel
    FROM  `A_articles` AS `articles`
    WHERE  ( articles.`valid_from` < NOW( ) )
      AND  ( articles.`valid_to` > NOW( ) )
      AND  ( `articles`.`on_listings` = 'yes' )
      AND  ( `articles`.`parent_article` =0 )
      AND  `articles`.`primary_category` =311
      AND  ( 1 = IF( `articles`.`available` = 'no',  _fn_site_preview_mode( ), 1 ) )
      AND  ( articles.subsection_select =68 )
      AND  index_id > 230941
    ORDER BY  articles.`index_id` ASC , articles.`article_display_date` ASC
    LIMIT  1
One of these might be the best to add:
INDEX(primary_category, subsection_select, valid_from)
INDEX(primary_category, subsection_select, index_id)
(Add both of them; see which one the EXPLAIN picks.)

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Re: table index optimization
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