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Re: MySQL Proxy: Scenarios
Posted by: Rick Blundell
Date: July 10, 2007 12:01AM

Hi. I am glad to see this forum is well read, I'm happy to discuss HA mysql from my experience.

If mysql-cluster worked like I think it should and could, I don't think mysql-proxy would be completely necessary. LVS+mysql-cluster could create a great hA solution, but the requirement for NDB on -cluster causes some application incompatability issues. Anyway, -cluster does a good job, its just not designed for a straight up mysqld replacement right now. I think -proxy and mysqld-replication can be a replacement for mysqld but allow good HA/distributed work without a replication aware application. What I mean by that is an application that supports reads from mysqld A,b,C and writes to mysqld D.

APP -> mysql-proxy --> write --> master mysqld -|
______________\<-- read <-- slave mysqld 1 -|[replication]
______________\<-- read <-- slave mysqld 2 -|

What I am really after is mysqld distribution without an intelligent application. I am very confident -proxy can deliver this with an LUA script that allows the backend to be selected after the query is read.

HA is rather tiresome because then we need redundant mysql-proxyies and masters ;)

Rick Blundell

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