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Proxy pool member. How to...?
Posted by: Maxim Volkov
Date: September 10, 2007 05:08PM

A few (may be naive) questions about mysql-proxy load balancing I still have after going through mysql-proxy documentation, web and this forum search.

-- after starting mysql-proxy with:
mysql-proxy \
--proxy-backend-addresses= \
--proxy-backend-addresses= \
--proxy-backend-addresses= \
--proxy-lua-script=my_script.lua &

is there a way to add an additional --proxy-backend-addresses= without restarting mysql-proxy? Can I take an IP out from the pool? In broader terms, can parameters to mysql-proxy being passed in run time situation?

-- when I try to connect to mysql-proxy in a loop it looks like round robin balancing not happening at all and only the first member of the group gets all connections. Do I have to do any special configuration changes to allow load balancing?

-- using lua how to print out all IPs active in proxy.servers array? I can print an individual IP with say print(proxy.servers[1].address), but how print an entire array to see what is there? The attempts to print with table.foreach or for bares no fruit.

-- is there any How To(s) on the topic of load balancing with mysql-proxy?

Much appreciate your response.

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Proxy pool member. How to...?
September 10, 2007 05:08PM
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