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Re: Calculating fields
Posted by: laptop alias
Date: March 09, 2012 01:40AM

This appears to be procedural, but see A anyway, and we'll see how we get on...

Frequent responses

A. Read the Stickies at the top of the forum. Sometimes they disappear, in which case...

If your question concerns tables and data:

Within [ code ][ /code ] tags (leave off the spaces)...
1. Provide CREATE TABLE statements for each of the relevant tables
2. Provide a small but representative dataset for each of the tables, as a set of INSERT statements
3. Provide the resultset you'd expect from your query.
4. Provide the result of SELECT VERSION();

B. Group-wise Max queries
One frequently asked question relates to finding the Top-N of an aggregated result, one of a set of so-called 'GROUP-WISE MAX' queries.
Various solutions to this problem are provided at the following links:

C. Pivot Tables
A second frequently asked question involves the transposition of rows to columns, often involving the aggregation of data, so-called 'Pivot Table' queries. Although my preferred solution is to handle the transposition at the application level, e.g. with a bit of PHP, there is excellent discussion on this topic at

D. Hierarchical Data
A third frequently asked question relates to handling recursion in connection with hierarchical data.
Choices include, but are not limited to, the following:
- Join the table to itself as many times as could possibly be required
- Handle the recursion at the application level, e.g. with a PHP loop <-- my preference
- Use a Stored Procedure to handle the recursion
- Switch to a Nested Set (or some sort of hybrid model) instead of the 'so-called' Adjacency List model

All of these solutions are discussed more thoroughly elsewhere, including a number of excellent, popular, and hence easily googled, articles on Hierarchical data and MySQL.

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