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Innodb Cluster 8.1 (GTID)
Posted by: David Martinez
Date: September 25, 2023 09:07PM

Good morning forum,

we are just creating a brand new mysql 8.1 Innodb cluster ( We know its the innovarion release) withing a single node.

As I can see the innodb cluster is created successfully but we see something strange on the GTID.

Let me share:

These are the variables regarding UUID
| Variable_name | Value |
| group_replication_view_change_uuid | 473db0e1-5c17-11ee-a13e-4e08e54f71b0 |
| server_uuid | 40c52865-5c17-11ee-866f-4e08e54f71b0 |

So nothing special, I can see an UUID for the server itself and another UUID for the cluster itself.

When I check the GTID executed on that node we can see:

| gtid_executed | 40c52865-5c17-11ee-866f-4e08e54f71b0:1-10,
473db0e1-5c17-11ee-a13e-4e08e54f71b0:1 |

In somehow this is explained in the next way:
40c52865-5c17-11ee-866f-4e08e54f71b0:1-10, -- Transactions executed before cluster creation. Create user, keyring udf functions, ...

473dadb5-5c17-11ee-a13e-4e08e54f71b0:1-73, -- Checking the binary logs I can see these transactions are creating the table of innodb cluster like mysql_innodb_cluster_metadata, DROP VIEW IF EXISTS schema_version... so these transactions are cluster wide

but, where is this UID coming from:


Binlog info

# at 1364
#230926 2:49:14 server id 901 end_log_pos 1450 CRC32 0x1cee0146 GTID last_committed=4 sequence_number=5 rbr_only=no original_committed_timestamp=1695696554711185 immediate_commit_timestamp=1695696554711465 transaction_length=377
# original_commit_timestamp=1695696554711185 (2023-09-26 02:49:14.711185 UTC)
# immediate_commit_timestamp=1695696554711465 (2023-09-26 02:49:14.711465 UTC)
/*!80001 SET @@session.original_commit_timestamp=1695696554711185*//*!*/;
/*!80014 SET @@session.original_server_version=80100*//*!*/;
/*!80014 SET @@session.immediate_server_version=80100*//*!*/;
SET @@SESSION.GTID_NEXT= '473db0e1-5c17-11ee-a13e-4e08e54f71b0:1'/*!*/;
# at 1450
#230926 2:49:14 server id 901 end_log_pos 1521 CRC32 0x5e2a370a Query thread_id=34 exec_time=0 error_code=0
SET TIMESTAMP=1695696554/*!*/;
SET @@session.auto_increment_increment=1, @@session.auto_increment_offset=2/*!*/;
/*!\C utf8mb4 *//*!*/;
SET @@session.character_set_client=224,@@session.collation_connection=224,@@session.collation_server=224/*!*/;
# at 1521
#230926 2:49:14 server id 901 end_log_pos 1664 CRC32 0xb2ec9885 View_change_log_event: view_id=16956965547108570:1
# at 1664
#230926 2:49:14 server id 901 end_log_pos 1741 CRC32 0x5a3b0eae Query thread_id=34 exec_time=0 error_code=0
SET TIMESTAMP=1695696554/*!*/;


Sorry for my confusion, looks like this uuid 473db0e1-5c17-11ee-a13e-4e08e54f71b0 its the cluster uuid, then what I dont understand is the transactions from 473dadb5-5c17-11ee-a13e-4e08e54f71b0 because that UID is not the server uuid neither the cluster uuid.

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Innodb Cluster 8.1 (GTID)
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