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Re: Server going away after a few seconds
Posted by: David Wright
Date: April 10, 2016 03:46PM

Peter Brawley Wrote:
> > I am not talking about website access
> Missing the point. DB maintenance queries on a
> remote DB will be slower when software like WB is
> local and the DB is remote.
You missed my point. I have two accounts at hostmonster that
I access using WB. One is very fast and the other is dead slow.
I am sure that the server is not dedicated, (if you mean, to me), as
the error log shows a large number of simultaneous accounts running, although I can't say what they are running.

> > I want to try re-installing mysql completely

I did re-install and the problem persists.
> Well, information about your problem trickles out
> slowly. Is it a dedicated server then, that you
> have at hostmonster? If it is, we need be looking
> at its MySQL configuration.
(See above)
> > but I am not sure what to do about the 11 mysql
> programs running
> What? 11 mysql programs are running at once? What
> are they? And is this on your local PC, or on a
> remote server?

Sorry, I should have said 11 programs apparently supporting
the main ones, such as MySql Connector C++, MySql Connector J, and so
forth.I did delete them all and they returned with the installation
of mysql-installer-community- These are all on my PC.

I am trying to get MySql and WB working on my local computer as I had it in the
beginning. The only reason I didn't as that version was on an XP computer and crashed the database. I tried a number of times to re-install it, but couldn't and then I decided to try it on the HM server along with my other installation. I have now spent several weeks trying to accomplish and so far, have only progressed to the point where I can add/or update 4-5 new members before it craps out. I have 20-30 additions plus a dozen or more updates and at the present rate, it is going to take me a couple of days just for those. Even with the add/update problem, once I've got them made, then there is not much of a problem to produce the reports that I upload to the website itself, but it is damn annoying.

Meanwhile, as I am doing all of the adds/updates 4-5 at at time, I will take some time to try another approach. I have a phpbb3 installation and am going to
try to create a script which will allow me to SQL all of the members info into
phpbb3 inserting only the members information and not touching the system fields. I have little confidence that I can get this to work, but if it does, I am home free as I can do away with the database that I have been working on and
hopefully,it will work as fast as the other phpbb3 installation on

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Re: Server going away after a few seconds
April 10, 2016 03:46PM

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