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MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.5 beta has been released
Posted by: Kent Boortz
Date: August 07, 2012 11:58AM

Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/Python v1.0.5 is a new version of the pure Python
database driver for MySQL. This is the first in a series of beta
releases that will introduce users to new features and changes.

This release is feature complete, but as a non-GA release is not
recommended for use in production environments. MySQL Connector/Python
version 1.0 is compatible with MySQL Server versions 5.5 and greater,
but should work with earlier versions (greater than v4.1).

MySQL Connector/Python v1.0.5 (beta) is available for download from
(Note: not all mirrors may be up to date yet)

A brief summary of changes in MySQL Connector/Python v1.0 is listed
below. Please check the ChangeLog file inside the distribution for a
more complete list of changes.

Changes in MySQL Connector/Python v1.0.5

This section documents changes and Bug  fixes that have been applied
in MySQL Connector/Python since the development release v0.3.2.

Functionality Added or Changed:

* Adding support for time values with a fractional seconds part. A
  new example script was added to show this

* Refactored the modules connection and protocol and created a new
  module network. The MySQLProtocol does not keep a reference to the
  connection object any more and deals only with creating and parsing
  MySQL packets. Network interaction is now done by the
  MySQLConnection objects (with the exception of

* Added MySQLConnection.reconnect() which used to reconnect to the
  MySQL server. It accepts number of retries and a delay between

* Added descriptive error codes for both client and server errors in
  the module errorcode. A new sub-package locales has been added,
  which currently only support English client error messages.

* Added SQLMode class in the constants module, making it easier to use

* Incompatible Change: The method raises an
  InterfaceError when the MySQL server is not available. It can also
  optinally reconnect and accepts the same arguments as the
  reconnect() method.

* Incompatible Change: The MySQLConnection.is_connect() method now
  returns True or False. It can be used to simply check whether a
  connection is available or not.

* Incompatible Change: MySQLCursor.execute() does not return anything
  for single statement operations. Sending multiple statements will
  result in a generator object to be returned by
  MySQLCursor.execute(). The MySQLCursor.next_resultset() became
  obsolete and was removed and the MySQLCursor.next_proc_result()
  method has been renamed to MySQLCursor.proc_results(), which
  returns a generator object. The MySQLCursor.with_rows property can
  be used to check if a result could return rows. The example script shows how to go through
  results produced by sending multiple statements. (Bug #14208326)

* Incompatible Change: The method MySQLConnection.set_charset() has
  been removed and replaced by MySQLConnection.set_charset_collation()
  to simplify setting and retrieving character set and collation
  information. The MySQLConnection properties collation and charset
  are now read-only. (Bug #14260052)

* Incompatible Change: The MySQLConnection methods unset_client_flag()
  and set_client_flag() have been removed. Use the set_client_flags()
  method instead using a sequence. (Bug #14259996)

Bug  Fixes:

* Fixed MySQLCursor.executemany() when INSERT statements use the
  'ON DUPLICATE KEY'-clause with a function like VALUES().
  (Bug #14259954, Bug #65678)

* Fixed cursor.CursorBase attributes description, lastrowid and
  rowcount to be read-only properties. (Bug #14231160)

* Fixed and refactored mysql.connector.errors module. (Bug #14039339)

* Fixed MySQLCursor.description so column names are Unicode.
  (Bug #13792575)

* Fixed automatic garbage collection which caused memory usage to grow
  over time. (Bug #13435186)

* Fixed setting time zone for current MySQL session. (Bug #13395083)

* Fixed handling of errors after authentication for Python v3.
  (Bug #13364285)


The documentation is still being developed, and is included in the
distribution under the docs/ folder.

Reporting Bugs

We welcome and appreciate your feedback and Bug reports:


On behalf of the MySQL Build Team,
Kent Boortz

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MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.5 beta has been released
August 07, 2012 11:58AM

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