Re: Database unreachable unless I start the MYSQL Workbench
Posted by: Igor Brittner
Date: October 12, 2018 01:17AM

The Screenshots clarify what I mean, because you keep asking about PHP which has nothing to do with the issue itself. And of course it is possible to connect to the database with the root user, why shouldn't it be? Everything works fine except for the damn workbench's needed startup for the website to be reachable..

Yesterday, when everything was running, I restarted the MySQL service and got the same error.. had to start the Workbench AGAIN and log in with root for the website to function properly. Why must the bloody workbench be started for the DB to be reachable? The service up and running should suffice.

The point of the VM is that our PIM software runs on it. Also, we are paid for installing and maintaining their webserver (apache). Wordpress is also installed on the VM which they "fill with content" from their side with an administrative account. I appreciate your help, but why do you keep asking about PHP scripts? Do you assume that a PHP script hinders a proper DB connection?

"The PHP scripts are (i) on the host connecting to the VM MySQL instance, (ii) on the guest connecting to the guest MySQL instance?"

Our customer/guest does not connect to anything. They just edit their stuff in wordpress and everything besides (the backend you could say) is hosted on OUR VM which WE MANAGE. The customer has nothing to with it and do not need to connect to any instance whatsoever, it all is managed from our side. But even after a clean reboot where no one is doing anything and me with full administrative rights can't open our customers webpage (be it directly from the VM or from my computer or my co-worker's computer) although all necesarry services are running bugs me.. but as soon as i start the WB and log in, the DB becomes reachable INSTANTLY, not even 2 seconds after this it works. This was my question from the start so why those PHP and guest OS questions? They do not need to connect directly to the DB because normally, wordpress takes all info out the DB and they dont see anything around it. All they need is the damn thing to be running sop they can do their stuff in wordpress. They gave us a dump of their DB when it was hosted bei themselves, we restored it on our new VM and thought this will be enough to function.

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