Re: Cyrillic characters in Mysql 3.23.55
Posted by: Olli Vaananen
Date: May 29, 2005 04:07PM

OK, I think that that's what I'll do.

One more thing that bothers me is that you mentioned my.cnf -file. It seems I don't have that file at all. I did find a file called "my-medium.cnf" (as well as "my-small.cnf","my-large.cnf","my-huge.cnf"), in which it was told

#You can copy this file to
# /etc/my.cnf to set global options,
# mysql-data-dir/my.cnf to set server-specific options (in this
# installation this directory is /server/mysql/var) or
# ~/.my.cnf to set user-specific options.

So I suppose mysql can work without. This obviously was something I overlooked when installing Mysql.
Now I have been able to insert cyrillic characters by giving a commands
/etc/rc.d/bin/mysqld down
/etc/rc.d/bin/mysqld up --default-character-set=koi8_ru

But if I wanted to have this variable set everytime mysql starts then I suppose I should have "my.cnf" -file? But should it be in the directory for global options or for server-specific options?

And since in "my-medium.cnf" -file there is no mention about "default-character-set" , where and how should I write it? Do you mean this section:
# The MySQL server
port = 3306
socket = /tmp/mysql.sock
set-variable = key_buffer=16M
set-variable = max_allowed_packet=1M
set-variable = table_cache=64
set-variable = sort_buffer=512K
set-variable = net_buffer_length=8K
set-variable = myisam_sort_buffer_size=8M

And when you say;
"You might want to set the same parameter in [mysql] section for the test from mysql client program." , do you mean by "mysql client" that I should add the same parameter somewhere in Php -configuration file?

As you can figure from an elementary problem like this, my skills with the electric brain are less than spectacular. Right now I am wiping sweat from my forehead when thinking that I should upgrade Mysql not only once, but twice! My only consolation is that "repetitio mater studiorum est", that is "repetition is the mother of learning". And so maybe the upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1 will be easier than the upgrade from 3.23 to 4.0.

Now when I think about it, there is another consolation: after having Unicode at my disposal, I'll be able to make web pages even in Japanese. Right? It maybe will be handy some day.

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Re: Cyrillic characters in Mysql 3.23.55
May 29, 2005 04:07PM

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