Re: How to install ODBC driver using "Open ODBC Administrator" mentu
Posted by: Jacob Nikom
Date: April 23, 2015 10:24AM

Hi Milosz,

Thank you for your help and for the useful link. I could not find this link by myself.

The GUI for the ODBC driver installation looks the same for PostgreSQL and for SQL Server.

Probably it is due to the fact that in both cases MySQL Workbench is running on Linux.

Still I have few questions about some details of this installation.

1. In your "How to..." blog about PosgreSQL installation (November 14, 2012) you mentioned iODBC driver installation command for RPM based distros (RedHat, Fedora, etc.).
This is your command:
$> sudo yum install iodbc iodbc-dev libpqxx-devel openssl-devel

Is libqxx correct name or there should be some numbers over there?

In my case (CentOS 6.6) this command did not work, but the command
$> sudo yum install iodbc iodbc-dev
did work.

Is it because I used 64-bit Workbench?

I think the reason is that your blog is 3 years old and now 64 ODBC drivers became available. Therefore there is some kind of confusion here.

I also did not know that you are allowed to leave "Setup file name:" text field
in the "ODBC Driver Add/Setup" window empty. I thought it should not be empty and supposed to contain some source server connection parameters, otherwise driver is not going to work.

Am I correct here or wrong? Could you completely skip setup parameters
for the ODBC driver?

It looks strange for me, because for unixODBC drivers those parameters
are needed.

Also, it would be nice to have this information avalable in the MySQL Workbench
documentation. Currently this important knowledge is lacking on those pages.
That leads to some difficulties in the WB installation.

Best regards,

Jacob Nikom

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