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MySQL Router 8.0.23 for MySQL Server 8.0 and 5.7 has been released
Posted by: Bjørn Munch
Date: January 18, 2021 08:04AM

Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Router 8.0.23 is a new release for MySQL Router 8.0 series.

MySQL Router 8.0 is highly recommended for use with MySQL Server 8.0 and 5.7.
Please upgrade to MySQL Router 8.0.23.

The MySQL Router is a new building block for high availability solutions
based on MySQL InnoDB clusters.

By taking advantage of the new Group Replication technology, and
combined with the MySQL Shell, InnoDB clusters provide an integrated
solution for high availability and scalability for InnoDB based MySQL
databases, that does not require advanced MySQL expertise.

The deployment of applications with high availability requirements is
greatly simplified by MySQL Router. MySQL client connections are
transparently routed to online members of a InnoDB cluster, with MySQL
server outages and cluster reconfigurations being automatically handled
by the Router.

To download MySQL Router 8.0.23, see the "General Availability (GA)
Releases" tab at Package
binaries are available for several platforms and also as a source code

Documentation for MySQL Router can be found at


Changes in MySQL Router 8.0.23 (2020-01-18)

Functionality Added or Changed

     * Added configurable server<->router<->client TLS endpoint
       support, which allows additional configuration for
       Router, Client, and Server interactions.
       The default behavior changed from client_ssl_mode =
       PASSTHROUGH to client_ssl_mode = PREFERRED where
       PASSTHROUGH forwards everything to the server and lets
       the client and server decide TLS settings, whereas
       PREFERRED establishes TLS connections between the client
       and Router if the client desires switching to TLS if the
       server supports TLS. This also matches the existing
       behavior for client and server without the Router
       Many new options were created, such as client_ssl_mode
       and server_ssl_mode that are documented under TLS

Bugs Fixed

     * On Linux, bootstrap would not function if the host had no
       external interfaces. (Bug #32200253)

     * Host names resolving to IPv6 were wrapped in square
       brackets as it assumed the host name was an IPv6 address.
       (Bug #32198746)

     * Refactored MySQLSession functionality to more
       consistently report syntax related errors. (Bug

     * Queries expected to return a single row were not being
       added to the debugging SQL log. (Bug #32071807)

     * Setting the --conf-use-gr-notifications bootstrap option
       increased the ttl value to a value higher than the
       default auth_cache_refresh_interval value allowed thus
       not creating a valid MySQL Router configuration file.
       Now, setting --conf-use-gr-notifications also adjusts the
       auth_cache_refresh_interval value accordingly. (Bug

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MySQL Router 8.0.23 for MySQL Server 8.0 and 5.7 has been released
January 18, 2021 08:04AM

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