Re: MYSQL doesn't 'see' accents
Posted by: Evi Wool
Date: June 30, 2010 01:29AM

Without solving the problem, so far, the easiest way I've found is, rather than exporting the Access data to a text file, is to create an empty database in MySQL with the character set utf8 and the collate utf8_bin then, connect Base to this database within BASE so I now have an empty MySQL db and an empty Base-connected-to-MySQL db.
Then, from Access (I'm using the version on Office 2000) slide tables directly from the Access database window into the Base database window.

In preparation, I just made sure all my Access text fields were set to character length of 250 or less and all my Boolean fields had been changed to Number fields in Access. Then, during the import, within the Base Import Wizard, I had to specify which was the Primary Key field, make sure that Base chose the correct Datatype for each field, then I had a cup of tea( it took its time but it worked) and after that, in MySQL I set my Primary Key field to Autoincrement using Alter Table modify column - I wasn't expecting MySQL to allow me to change a field containing data to Autoincrement, but it does. The resulting data still displays wrongly in MySQL but it displays and filters correctly in the Base front end which is what I'll be using. I didn't set the text field as Unique, I'll sort that out in BASE after the import by using a query to find the duplicates (which are only a few) and edit them manually. Because MySQL and Base let me append to an Autonumber field, this means at least that I don't have to worry about incorrect values in Foreign Key fields. So not really a solution or an explanation - as Rick said, there are so many 'moving parts' involved between Access, Base, MySQL but at least this solution is quick.

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Re: MYSQL doesn't 'see' accents
June 30, 2010 01:29AM

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