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Posted by: Kimber Barton
Date: July 01, 2021 03:04PM


As a reminder, I am not using load data, I am using the table import wizard. I just thought it might be faster if I used load data, but I have not played with it.

The input member file I sent only had 4 data rows + one header row. But the error above lists a row 5. What am I missing there? I queried the first 10 rows in the table (from the file I had already imported the other day) and they look fine. I also looked at 10 rows from the file I was exporting today and they look fine. Then I imported the files I sent you and those are in the table and look fine.

I do not see those errors on the Table Data import window as it is cranking along. And I looked in the error log and do not see them either. And, the import window does show errors if a value in the data is too big for how the column was declared. I had to change a few things the other day because of it.

I noticed on the Server Status window in workbench that it says the "general" log file is turned off. Only the error one and the one for slow queries is enabled. Would they be in the general one if I had it enabled?

We get the files in as .txt then I import them in Excel in order to add the key column and the three or four columns to the far right. Then, I save as .csv from Excel. My assumption was that types would be "neutral" once saved as .csv and that MySQL would bring them in as the type of the column. I guess not. Should I be saving them as text instead? I have to be able to use excel to add the columns. One of the columns for the member file includes using xlookup to assign practice.

I looked at the columns shown in the error messages:
COMPANY_CODE VARCHAR(5) - always equal to UHGNY
MemberSubscriberID VARCHAR(14) - largest is 121602544
MemberMI CHAR(1) - all blank or one character
MemberGender CHAR(1) - all M or F, no blanks
MemberDOB DATE - all dates formatted yyyy-mm-dd, no single quotes or quotes in input file
MemberState VARCHAR(6) - all values two characters
ProviderNPI VARCHAR(10) - largest is 1992972269
ProviderTIN VARCHAR(9) - largest is 510567466
EligStart DATE - all dates formatted yyyy-mm-dd, no single quotes or quotes in input file
EligEnd DATE - all dates formatted yyyy-mm-dd, no single quotes or quotes in input file

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Re: server on development machine
July 01, 2021 03:04PM

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