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06/10/2005 01:38PM
Re: Creating a search  
06/11/2005 12:29PM
06/08/2005 07:50AM
Re: Submit form Problems  
06/08/2005 09:31PM
Re: Submit form Problems  
06/09/2005 11:48PM
Figured out how to read, but how do I delete?  
06/08/2005 10:23PM
Re: Submit form Problems  
06/08/2005 09:00AM
06/09/2005 08:38PM
Re: SELECT loop too slow  
06/09/2005 11:24PM
06/01/2005 08:13AM
Re: problems with connection  
06/04/2005 02:45PM
Re: problems with connection  
06/03/2005 09:58AM
06/02/2005 11:06PM
Re: Php Path  
06/04/2005 10:41AM
06/04/2005 04:58AM
Re: Tools/Editor to build PHP with Mysql fast  
06/02/2005 02:27AM
Re: Need help with charset  
05/30/2005 06:21AM
Re: MySQL Long Text Field - How to retrieve data with no new line \n  
05/28/2005 11:11AM
05/27/2005 05:46AM
Re: MySQL Connection Failing  
05/26/2005 07:18AM
Re: PHP Insert Query Problems  
05/24/2005 06:22AM
05/24/2005 01:54AM
Re: To Join two tables  
05/24/2005 04:55AM
05/23/2005 11:54PM
05/23/2005 08:06PM
05/23/2005 02:59PM
Re: php does not update / connect to mysql  
05/22/2005 02:19PM
Re: php does not update / connect to mysql  
05/22/2005 08:24AM
Re: Looking for sampledatabase samp_db  
05/21/2005 04:08AM
05/18/2005 12:09PM
Re: Query another query  
05/19/2005 05:57PM
05/18/2005 01:30AM
Re: Using $_POST  
05/19/2005 08:34AM
Re: Using $_POST  
05/18/2005 05:43AM
05/18/2005 07:09AM
Re: Mysql Query!  
05/18/2005 10:36AM
Re: Problem with Database workout  
05/18/2005 03:19AM
05/18/2005 02:00AM
Re: Get "Row Number" of a specific record?  
05/17/2005 06:31PM
Re: Autonumber - how do i find out what has been entered  
05/17/2005 06:27PM
05/16/2005 10:10AM
Re: Enum Toggle  
05/17/2005 08:03AM
Re: Enum Toggle  
05/16/2005 11:28PM
Re: Can anyone tell me why this throws a parse error on the 5th line?  
05/13/2005 05:59AM
Re: Can anyone tell me why this throws a parse error on the 5th line?  
05/17/2005 12:21AM
Re: Error connecting to MySQL from phpbb setup  
05/11/2005 08:22PM
Will try downgrade  
05/11/2005 11:15PM
Re: Will try downgrade  
05/12/2005 07:15AM
Yo! Put yourself down for a raise.  
05/12/2005 11:34AM
Re: Yo! Put yourself down for a raise.  
05/16/2005 05:06PM
Re: Coneection problem between PHP 5.0 and Mysql 4.1.11.  
05/16/2005 06:27AM
05/12/2005 11:33AM
05/11/2005 09:46AM
Re: PHP Connection Error  
05/11/2005 02:13PM
05/06/2005 02:57AM
Re: PHP Script for MySQL?  
05/06/2005 03:01AM
Re: PHP Script for MySQL?  
05/10/2005 09:29PM
05/07/2005 10:37PM
Re: Content Management?  
05/10/2005 07:32PM
05/08/2005 11:12AM
Re: form handling  
05/10/2005 07:28PM
Re: php/mySQL/phpMyAdmin/HELP!!!!  
05/10/2005 08:27AM
05/08/2005 08:19PM
Re: date_format problem  
05/09/2005 07:33AM
Re: date_format problem  
05/09/2005 04:29AM
Re: DB Connection error! Please help me  
05/08/2005 03:22AM
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