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Re: Possible Fix FOR SERVER 2008
Posted by: Ryan Banks
Date: July 25, 2009 05:47PM

Ryan Banks Wrote:
> Ok so if like me you have tried every fix under
> the sun then read up, this may just work for you.
> First i would like to pay respects to everyone who
> has tried to fix this and spent the time posting
> about it.
> Okay, so my fix follows as so:
> First remove ALL server instances, (Start, All
> programs, mySql, MySQL server instance config
> wizard) make sure to remove everything.
> Next make sure no sql services are running (start,
> run, services.msc /r) (There shouldn't be if you
> have removed every instance)
Next uninstall MySQL using the .msi file you used to install it.
Next delete both the install dir (where you
installed it, i.e. C:\Program Files\MySql\)

Now the important bit, For Windows Server 2008 the new software works
a little different. Instead of going to user data, delete the MySQL Folder in

> Now restart, (this may not be required but it will
> stop ALL services and restart them).
> ------------------
> Now when you are back in, reinstall the MySQL MSI
> package (for this i used 5.1)
> Install as usual, next comes the hated config
> manager.
My settings for my 2008 windows server are as
followed (if i dont list them, they are default)
> Detailed Configuration
> Server Machine
> Multifunctional Database
> Defualt dir
> Decision support
> Enable TCp (add expectation)
> Enable Strict mode
> Standard Char set
i changed the server name from "MySQL" to "MySQL5", this may help!
> now this is where its make or break ( if you see
> current password, your database is still open and
> you must have missed a step, or you should look
> towards the REGEDIT steps listed in this thread)
> -- If however you see just password and repeat
> then we are on track, now enter a password and
> repeat it.
> before clicking next open up services again
> (services.msc /r) now click next and wait for that
> error (if you don't get it, then congrats) if you
> do however, now goto the services window and right
> click refresh, look for MySQL and check the
> status, if it is running, we are on track :) if
> not, again this hasn't worked and stop here.
> with the service running, you will want to close
> the configuration windows and reopen it (to do
> this, Start, All programs, mySql, MySQL server
> instance config wizard) now goto reconfigure
> instance, follow it through all the way (next,
> next, next) till you get to the password page
> (last window) here it will say current password,
> leave this blank (this is because the
> configuration never made it to setting security)
> now enter a password of your choice, and hit next
> and execute.
> Hopefully we should be looking at a successful
> windows displaying the service started!
> Hope this helps guys :)
> Ryan Banks

I have now upgraded to Windows 2008 and endured this error again. The above is what i did different from 2003 and 2008 ( i have edited the quote, noticed what i have added doesn't have a leading ">" )

I wish you all good luck!

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July 25, 2009 05:47PM
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