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My EASY Solution
Posted by: Dirk Frischalowski
Date: July 25, 2005 08:47AM

A Good Tutorial is the Half Life (not the game).

My Preferences:
- installed as service
- Windows XP SP2
- installed in d:\mysql
- Zone Alarm Running!

1. The new version 4.1.13 puts a my.ini - File in the Installation directory of mysql.
2. When the service starts it uses the command ""D:\mysql\bin\mysqld-nt" --defaults-file="D:\mysql\my.ini" MySQL" - that means he knows where the my.ini-file is.
3. When you use the client over the program Group "MySQL - MySQL Server 4.1 - MySQL Command Line Client" all works fine too - but you are restricted to the ROOT-User.
4. When you try it for your own with mysql -u root ... y failed with a message "ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)" - ROTFLMAO

The Documentation has no hint what to do - not good...

5. The - not told - EASY solution is to copy the my.ini to c:\windows or whatever your Windows-Directory is. Now also the client FINDS !! the my.ini and everything is all right.

6. Another solution is to use the command line "mysql --defaults=file="d:\mysql\my.ini" -u root -p"
Thats the same trick the "MySQL Command Line Client" uses to find the my.ini-File.

Dont forget to use the right user (root is preinstalled) and the right password (i.e. the pass in the configuration wizzard)


WHY NOBODY TELLS US THIS ????? I loose 1 hour to find it out ...

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